mutool convert#

The convert command converts an input file into another format.

mutool convert [options] file [pages]


Command line parameters within square brackets [] are optional.


Options are as follows:

-p password

Use the specified password if the file is encrypted.

-o output

The output file name. The output format is inferred from the output filename. Embed %d in the name to indicate the page number (for example: “page%d.png”). Printf modifiers are supported, for example “%03d”. If no output is specified, the output will go to stdout.

-F output format (default inferred from output file name)
  • raster: cbz, png, pnm, pgm, ppm, pam, pbm, pkm.

  • print-raster: pcl, pclm, ps, pwg.

  • vector: pdf, svg.

  • text: html, xhtml, text, stext.

-A bits

Specify how many bits of anti-aliasing to use. The default is 8.

-W width

Page width in points for EPUB layout.

-H height

Page height in points for EPUB layout.

-S size

Font size in points for EPUB layout.

-U filename

User CSS stylesheet for EPUB layout.


Disable document styles for EPUB layout.

-O comma separated list of options for output format.

Raster output options:
  • rotate=N Rotate rendered pages N degrees counterclockwise.

  • resolution=N Set both X and Y resolution in pixels per inch.

  • x-resolution=N X resolution of rendered pages in pixels per inch.

  • y-resolution=N Y resolution of rendered pages in pixels per inch.

  • width=N Render pages to fit N pixels wide (ignore resolution option).

  • height=N Render pages to fit N pixels tall (ignore resolution option).

  • colorspace=(gray|rgb|cmyk) Render using specified colorspace.

  • alpha Render pages with alpha channel and transparent background.

  • graphics=(aaN|cop|app) Set the rasterizer to use for graphics.

    • aaN Antialias with N bits (0 to 8).

    • cop Center of pixel.

    • app Any part of pixel.

  • text=(aaN|cop|app) Set the rasterizer to use for text.

    • aaN Antialias with N bits (0 to 8).

    • cop Center of pixel.

    • app Any part of pixel.

PCL output options:
  • colorspace=mono Render 1-bit black and white page.

  • colorspace=rgb Render full color page.

  • preset=generic|ljet4|dj500|fs600|lj|lj2|lj3|lj3d|lj4|lj4pl|lj4d|lp2563b|oce9050.

  • spacing=0 No vertical spacing capability.

  • spacing=1 PCL 3 spacing (<ESC>*p+<n>Y).

  • spacing=2 PCL 4 spacing (<ESC>*b<n>Y).

  • spacing=3 PCL 5 spacing (<ESC>*b<n>Y and clear seed row).

  • mode2 Enable mode 2 graphics compression.

  • mode3 Enable mode 3 graphics compression.

  • eog_reset End of graphics (<ESC>*rB) resets all parameters.

  • has_duplex Duplex supported (<ESC>&l<duplex>S).

  • has_papersize Papersize setting supported (<ESC>&l<sizecode>A).

  • has_copies Number of copies supported (<ESC>&l<copies>X).

  • is_ljet4pjl Disable/Enable HP 4PJL model-specific output.

  • is_oce9050 Disable/Enable Oce 9050 model-specific output.

PCLm output options:
  • compression=none No compression (default).

  • compression=flate Flate compression.

  • strip-height=N Strip height (default 16).

PWG output options:
  • media_class= Set the media_class field.

  • media_color= Set the media_color field.

  • media_type= Set the media_type field.

  • output_type= Set the output_type field.

  • rendering_intent= Set the rendering_intent field.

  • page_size_name= Set the page_size_name field.

  • advance_distance= Set the advance_distance field.

  • advance_media= Set the advance_media field.

  • collate= Set the collate field.

  • cut_media= Set the cut_media field.

  • duplex= Set the duplex field.

  • insert_sheet= Set the insert_sheet field.

  • jog= Set the jog field.

  • leading_edge= Set the leading_edge field.

  • manual_feed= Set the manual_feed field.

  • media_position= Set the media_position field.

  • media_weight= Set the media_weight field.

  • mirror_print= Set the mirror_print field.

  • negative_print= Set the negative_print field.

  • num_copies= Set the num_copies field.

  • orientation= Set the orientation field.

  • output_face_up= Set the output_face_up field.

  • page_size_x= Set the page_size_x field.

  • page_size_y= Set the page_size_y field.

  • separations= Set the separations field.

  • tray_switch= Set the tray_switch field.

  • tumble= Set the tumble field.

  • media_type_num= Set the media_type_num field.

  • compression= Set the compression field.

  • row_count= Set the row_count field.

  • row_feed= Set the row_feed field.

  • row_step= Set the row_step field.

Text output options:
  • inhibit-spaces Don’t add spaces between gaps in the text.

  • preserve-images Keep images in output.

  • preserve-ligatures Do not expand ligatures into constituent characters.

  • preserve-whitespace Do not convert all whitespace into space characters.

  • preserve-spans Do not merge spans on the same line.

  • dehyphenate Attempt to join up hyphenated words.

  • mediabox-clip=no Include characters outside mediabox.

PDF output options:
  • decompress Decompress all streams (except compress-fonts/images).

  • compress Compress all streams.

  • compress-fonts Compress embedded fonts.

  • compress-images Compress images.

  • ascii ASCII hex encode binary streams.

  • pretty Pretty-print objects with indentation.

  • linearize Optimize for web browsers.

  • clean Pretty-print graphics commands in content streams.

  • sanitize Sanitize graphics commands in content streams.

  • incremental Write changes as incremental update.

  • continue-on-error Continue saving the document even if there is an error.

  • garbage Garbage collect unused objects.

    or garbage=compact … and compact cross reference table.

    or garbage=deduplicate … and remove duplicate objects.

  • decrypt Write unencrypted document.

  • encrypt=rc4-40|rc4-128|aes-128|aes-256 Write encrypted document.

  • permissions=NUMBER Document permissions to grant when encrypting.

  • user-password=PASSWORD Password required to read document.

  • owner-password=PASSWORD Password required to edit document.

  • regenerate-id Regenerate document id (default yes).

SVG output options:
  • text=text Emit text as <text> elements (inaccurate fonts).

  • text=path Emit text as <path> elements (accurate fonts).

  • no-reuse-images Do not reuse images using <symbol> definitions.


Input file name. The input can be any of the document formats supported by MuPDF.


Comma separated list of page ranges. The first page is “1”, and the last page is “N”. The default is “1-N”.

This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or implied. This software is distributed under license and may not be copied, modified or distributed except as expressly authorized under the terms of that license. Refer to licensing information at or contact Artifex Software, Inc., 39 Mesa Street, Suite 108A, San Francisco, CA 94129, USA, for further information.

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