mutool merge#

The merge command is used to pick out pages from two or more files and merge them into a new output file.

mutool merge [-o output.pdf] [-O options] input.pdf [pages] [input2.pdf] [pages2] ...


Command line parameters within square brackets [] are optional.

[-o output.pdf]

The output filename. Defaults to “out.pdf” if not supplied.

[-O options]

Comma separated list of output options.

  • decompress Decompress all streams (except compress-fonts/images).

  • compress Compress all streams.

  • compress-fonts Compress embedded fonts.

  • compress-images Compress images.

  • ascii ASCII hex encode binary streams.

  • pretty Pretty-print objects with indentation.

  • linearize Optimize for web browsers.

  • clean Pretty-print graphics commands in content streams.

  • sanitize Sanitize graphics commands in content streams.

  • incremental Write changes as incremental update.

  • continue-on-error Continue saving the document even if there is an error.

  • garbage Garbage collect unused objects.

    or garbage=compact … and compact cross reference table.

    or garbage=deduplicate … and remove duplicate objects.

  • decrypt Write unencrypted document.

  • encrypt=rc4-40|rc4-128|aes-128|aes-256 Write encrypted document.

  • permissions=NUMBER Document permissions to grant when encrypting.

  • user-password=PASSWORD Password required to read document.

  • owner-password=PASSWORD Password required to edit document.

  • regenerate-id Regenerate document id (default yes).


The first document.


Comma separated list of page ranges for the first document (input.pdf). The first page is “1”, and the last page is “N”. The default is “1-N”.


The second document.


Comma separated list of page ranges for the second document (input2.pdf). The first page is “1”, and the last page is “N”. The default is “1-N”.


Indicates that we add as many additional [input] & [pages] pairs as required to merge multiple documents.

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